Let me tell you, when I saw these two ENGAGED on my Facebook news feed back on New Years, I HOLLERED. You know those couples that you just love because they're just great? Yeah, it's these two, seriously. Delaney is part of my family and so, I knew her before Kasey, which I can't really say for a lot of couples that I work with. The thing about Kasey is that he's probably the nicest guy I've ever met (and I'm married to a nice guy, if that tells you anything). He's so thoughtful and seriously complements Delaney in the best way.

The cool part of this, is that I attended their wedding as a guest (which I LOVED). I cried, A LOT. Turns out I'm a total sap when I'm not focusing on documenting HAHA (I already knew, the camera just hides it). My favorite part of their wedding was the very end, when we were all parting ways and saying goodbye, Kasey asked if we had a good time, to which I replied, "ABSOLUTELY." He then proceeds to tell me that it was the first wedding he's ever been to (insert crying-laughing emojis here).

East Carolina University is so so SO special to these two (my aunt and uncle graduated from there, as did Delaney and Kasey, and eventually, my other cousin, Cade, will be an ECU grad as well!!), so it only made sense to hang out on campus to document this really special time for them. Enjoy. :)