I honestly can't say enough about these two.

So, the funny thing about Emily is that when she emailed me asking about wedding photography, my first thought was, "wait, she's engaged? Why didn't I know that?" I went and checked her social media and didn't see anything at all about being engaged, so I was just like, okay, maybe they aren't announcing it yet. Let me tell you lol. Emily emailed me directly after they got engaged. I hadn't heard about it because it had LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED. What a dang honor to be the first person that a future bride thinks about as soon as she gets engaged.

If you know Emily and Ryan, you know that they are soooo easy going. Emily really is the most chill bride I think I've ever worked with. The morning of their wedding was so calm and relaxed. It did end up being one of the hottest days of the year, but heading into their first look and their couples portraits, they just cared about being with each other.

Their ceremony was full of personal touches that really spoke to who these are as people. My favorite detail was that Emily's mom walked her down the aisle. I think that I may have been crying more than they were.

Emily and Ryan truly are not only some of the best people I've met, they were some of the best clients. They hired the vendors I recommended. She got me a freaking gift the morning of her wedding, for crying out loud. Emily, Ryan, thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of your incredible day. You two are a dream and I'm very grateful to know you.