You're engaged!!!

Friend, that is SO exciting!!! I am honored that you're here reading this right now because that tells me that you think we may be a good fit. I do want to stress how important it is to mesh well with, not just your photographer, but all of your wedding vendors. These are the people in charge of one of your most important days. I always make sure to ask the important questions before booking to ensure that we are a perfect match.

Your day is exactly that: your day. As a photographer, it is never my job to change anything about your day. I think that your love and your preferences are stunning as is, because they reflect YOU and your love. I value everything that you and your love bring to the table. I am a storyteller at heart and I want to capture exactly what your love feels like.

Each photograph below is a small moment, frozen in time. My hope is that you feel what each of these people felt in these moments.

grandpa and brother surprised seeing bride for the first time
couple in wedding attire holding hands and walking towards the camera
blue sapphire wedding ring and diamond band in blue velvet ring box
multiple bridal bouquets lined up in vases
dad walking bride down the aisle during wedding ceremony
couple in wedding attired going in for a kiss
mother helping bride get into bridal gown
couple at wedding raising their glasses for a toast
wedding gown on hanger
flat lay of wedding invitation and other bridal details
couple in wedding attire with arms wrapped around each other, smiling
dad kissing bride on the cheek at wedding ceremony
bride and groom walking out of wedding ceremony at the conclusion
diamond wedding ring and band in blue velvet ring box
couple in wedding attire sharing a kiss