This day reminded me of why I do this.

I feel like I say this pretty frequently, but just let me live, okay?

I would never wish having to try and plan multiple wedding days on ANYONE, but these two handled it with such grace and I LOVED what plan they ended up with. I really do love weddings of all sizes, each for different reasons, but the very intimate ones like this really hold a special place in my heart. Your able to see every single person, hug their neck, have a conversation with them. It just *feels* more emotionally connected and I am here for that.

Chantal and Nick had the most perfect weather too, which honestly adds to the good vibes. Hope Valley Country Club made the most beautiful backdrop for their ceremony. The beautiful white staircase, the gorgeous landscaping, and the stunning gazebos between the pools were the perfect set up for this intimate ceremony, as well as a backdrop for their portraits. *insert all of the heart eyes*

The Rickhouse in downtown Durham was P E R F E C T for this 18 person reception. One long, family-style table with warm, magical lights hanging, overlooking Historic Durham Athletic Park and the beautiful sunset were probably my favorite reception pieces. Throughout their first dance with each other, it was so apparent that all Chantal and Nick cared about was being present with each other and soaking in the moment. I urge every couple to remember this on their wedding day. The cake, the food, the dress, all of those material things will be gone at the end of the day. All your left with are the moments that you really took a moment to soak in.

VERY LARGE thank you to my beautiful friend, Tiffany Hoskins with Tiffany Rose Photography for helping me on this day. I literally would not have been able to do it without you.