I know more than anyone...

I see it. A lot. Engagement sessions are STRESSFUL. What do we wear? Are you going to pose us? What location is best? I've heard every question in the book. If you're engaged, fear not. I'm here today to give you my top three tips for preparing for your engagement session.

Eat a light lunch. Drink some water.

It's so crazy how much what you put into your body affects how you're feeling. By eating something light, not greasy, and not over-indulging, you'll show up to your session feeling like a really good version of yourself. Fueling up on water will ensure that you're not feeling bogged down or scatter-brained from soda or coffee.

Choose YOU.

As simple as it sounds, everything in your photos should represent you and your partner. The clothes should be what you're comfortable with and in your usual style. I know this sounds so redundant, but so many people try to either wear clothes they aren't comfortable in or act in a way that's just not them and it really does translate into your images. If you're goofy, BE GOOFY. I guide the session with prompts the entire time and letting your personality shine through will have you loving your images. Choose to be yourself over what you think you should be. If there are locations that are important to you, then do your session at one of these locations. I have photographed couples at their first date spot, the spot where they got engaged, where their parents got married, etc...locations can be very versatile so do not be afraid to ask your photographer about using a spot that is sentimental to you.

Just remember...

There is no way, at all, that you could ever mess up your session. Your photographer, whether it's me, or anyone else, it is your photographer's responsibility to put you at ease and to guide you into poses, making you feel as comfortable as you possibly can. We do sessions every day. We are the professionals and if you listen to us, I promise that you will love your images. Before choosing your photographer, make sure to research their style and make sure that you vibe with their editing style and with their posing style.

Congratulations to all of the recently engaged couples! I hope you enjoyed this free resource on how to prepare for your engagement session. If you enjoy cinematic, warm, documentary imagery, I'd love to chat with you about your big day. :)