I met Haley through her sister, Robin. I worked at the daycare (feels like a whole other lifetime!) that Haley's nieces attend. When Haley and Bryan got engaged, Robin referred me (Thank you, Robin!!!) and I am so grateful that she did.

Bryan and Haley's story makes me realize how funny life is. They actually met at an art show in downtown Raleigh. They were both in their 30s, not expecting to find anyone. Bryan was living in New York at the time and Haley's godparents live there, so they very quickly connected over that. The part of their story that really makes me LOL is that Haley dodged his calls for a bit because she thought he was a different Bryan! She apologized and met up in New York the following month on her trip there and the rest is history. After months of long distance, Bryan finally moved down to Raleigh (I mean, hello, why wouldn't he??).

In talking with Haley when she called about her wedding, it was so apparent that they really wanted their love for the Lord, their love for each other, and their love for their friends and family to be the center of their wedding. Every single detail of their wedding was carefully planned, with lots of thought and care. A few of my favorite things that they implemented into their day were a first look (obviously. I am pro first look), writing letters to each other, and eating dinner alone, away from their guests. They ate alone to allow them to savor the first few moments of being married, which I obviously thought was the sweetest thing ever.

I hope that you enjoy scrolling through some of Haley and Bryan's images. Their day was so full of love and laughter, which if you know them, is so fitting, because that's exactly who they are. Thank you two for asking me to be apart of your day.