When Erin's name popped up in my email inbox, I squealed a little. I went to school with Erin and have followed her life updates on social media since then. I remember seeing her being very open about her battle with cancer a few years ago and watching her win that fight. I also remember her posting her STUNNING engagement photos that her and Levi got done when they were out west. When I chatted with her about what exactly they were planning for their wedding, I couldn't have been more excited.

They opted for a more intimate gathering, right on the beautiful North Carolina coast. Emerald Isle is my favorite coastal town. I so enjoyed being around Erin and Levi's loved ones. The way that they rallied around the two of them and supported them and just loved on them was one of my favorite parts of the day.

Erin chose to do a first look with her dad and a first look with her mom, Levi's mom, and her stepmom beforehand and even had special gifts for each of them. Erin and Levi opted to share their vows privately before their ceremony, which I thought was such a special touch.

I am super grateful that I could be a part of their day and I loved spending it with them.