You're a photographer.

And you're struggling with:


being yourself?

customer service?


just getting clients in the door?

knowing where to start, period?

This is for you.

Don't just take my word for it...

Don't just take my word for it...

“Each piece of information, including clientele management, equipment, posing, marketing, and editing, was extremely helpful. Holly answered each of my questions with pure authenticity, honesty, clarity, and professionalism, all while creating a fun atmosphere. In particular, her genuine humility and willingness to share her personal experiences was beyond helpful. Her insight, words of encouragement, cheerful heart, and sincere character made this mentoring session truly remarkable.”

I truly believe that each person is unique and that there are enough clients to go around. If you're fully operating in your potential and are confident in who you are, the clients will come. I don't operate from a place of scarcity. I operate from a place of being myself and being able to curate real relationships with my clients. I believe that you can do the same and by giving 100% of your effort, you will be successful.

Mentoring sessions are fully customizable to meet you exactly where you are. Whether you're just beginning your journey or you're in a rut and looking to kick things up a notch, I'll find you there and help you to navigate where you're at and push you for what's to come. Mentoring starts at $199/hour. Discounted rates are available when booking multiple sessions at a time.

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Whether you're a person with a camera and a dream, or you're already a few years into your business but needing an extra push, I'd love to grab coffee or a meal with you and help you find exactly what you're needing. My coaching sessions meet you exactly where you are and help push you to where you'd like to be.

How do I mentor differently than others? Mentoring sessions are an ongoing process, because like most good things, good things take time. Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly? We can tailor the experience to your needs. I put my full heart and soul into everything I teach because it's exactly what I used to propel my business forward.

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