This one has been a long time coming.

I honestly don't even know where to start. I remember the first time I met Sarah and Zach. Sarah and I had connected through Instagram and set up a dinner to meet and chat about their wedding at a restaurant I'd never heard of before. I remember walking in and not knowing what to expect. I was still fresh in weddings and hadn't yet mastered the first consultation but as soon as I sat down, it was like I was just meeting old friends. They decided to keep me around and gosh, I'm so glad that they did. I honestly could not imagine my life without them, at all. They took us to our first hockey game, introduced me to my favorite Raleigh eatery, and are just some of the funniest, most genuine people I have ever had to pleasure of meeting and working with. That sounds too formal to describe our relationship because we are friends. We are also not formal with each other at all. It's okay though, haha.

Sarah and Zach had their February wedding at Oakland Farm, right outside of Raleigh, in Bear Creek. Because we live in North Carolina, the home of unpredictable weather (as I'm typing this, it's snowing even though it was 70 earlier this week), we were met with some rain the day of. I honestly don't think I heard either Sarah or Zach make one single comment about the rain at all. All day. Their wedding day. So crazy. Rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, but not everyone shares that sentiment. It honestly did not affect them or the day at all, which was probably one of my favorite things about the day.

We started the morning with Jade and Ashley, whom I adore. These two ladies do incredible work and I was thankful for the opportunity to watch them do their thang again, just like they did for Sarah's bridals. Sarah has collected a lot of very unique, diverse people in her inner circle over the years and I loved hanging out with all of them so much. LOTS of laughs.

Sarah and Zach's first date consisted partially of bowling, so it was only fitting that her wedding day letter to him be written on that bowling score card, which to this day makes my heart skip a beat. Sarah and Zach opted out of doing a first look, but did decide to take a moment and pray together before the ceremony. They then brought a group of people very near to their hearts in to pray with them as well. Even though they opted out of a first look with each other, Sarah did do one with her dad and her brother, which were both so dang sweet. Moments before the ceremony started, her bridesmaids also gathered around her and prayed for her as well, which made me BAWL.

Their ceremony was everything I thought that it would be, coming from them: thoughtful and true to who they are. Zach's reaction to seeing Sarah for the first time was by far my favorite, because SAME, dude. She's freaking beautiful.

Their day felt just like them. They are warm, inclusive, and I'm pretty sure they have never met a stranger. They are the best example of a client relationship turned into a friendship. I love you guys. I'll never be able to thank you enough to having me be a small part in your big day. xo