These two seriously, live, eat, and breathe Durham. No other backdrop for their engagement session even made sense. Meeting Nick and Chantal really did feel like meeting up with old friends. While driving into Durham, the bottom absolutely fell out. The heaviest rain, thunder and lightning. All of it. Me, being who I am, checked the radar, and even though I had NO idea if this was true, I said, "it'll be fine." I knew that I was going to make it work regardless. Thankfully, it DID clear up AND gave us the most beautiful sunset that we got to watch from the rooftop of their apartment building.

We spent the evening exploring the nooks and crannies of downtown Durham, stopping to highlight some of their favorite spots along the way. We ended with a bottle of bubbly on the roof.

It's really funny blogging these after their wedding, because so much changed between this and their wedding day. These two are great and navigating the pandemic and their wedding with them reiterated that for me. Enjoy these from our time together last year. :)