"Holly, that makes no sense." Okay, okay, hear me out. I know that the recent announcements regarding Covid-19 are still limiting reception guest numbers. I know that you feel like if you can't do the whole shebang, then you want to completely cancel or move your wedding, which is a totally valid feeling.

However, you chose your date for a reason. That wedding date means something to you, whether you chose it because its the anniversary of an important occasion to you or whether you just liked the date, it's special. Chosen by you when the giddiness of engagement was still fresh and new and exciting, pre-Covid.

Keep that date. I'm here to tell you to get married on that date. Whether it's in front of all of your original guests (socially distanced, of course) or whether it's just the two of you and two witnesses, keep your date.

I'm going to share a few of the ways that I've seen couples who have decided to make lemonade with their lemons have implemented. Hopefully, these help you to think outside of the box and pivot around this pandemic.

  • Full ceremony (with masks / distancing), reception at a later date
  • Elopement or Micro-wedding (25 guests or less) (some have planned receptions at later dates, some have just done this)
  • Full ceremony (with masks / distancing) with catered meals to go (again, possibly planning a reception at a later date)
  • Live streamed ceremony with immediate family in person (again, possibly planning a reception at a later date)
  • Elopement with an intimate dinner afterwards

Whatever it is that you decide to do, just remember: your wedding is about 2 people: you and your partner. Weddings are such an important event and I know that to a lot of people, your family being present is one of the most important aspects. That's great. Please, reschedule for a later date so that all of your loved ones can stand with you. However, if you don't mind the non-traditional approach (honey, nothing is traditional these days), just pivot. Pick a plan that feels good to you. Or go to the courthouse. It's your day. If the idea of postponing and not getting married on your wedding date that you've been so excited about, just freakin' get married and figure out the rest later!!