Reaching back to 2017 for this one...

I remember back at the beginning of 2017 when I went in for an appointment with Cassie and she excitedly asked me to photograph their wedding. They weren't engaged yet but had been in talks about it. I was a fresh lil baby photographer and I literally was shocked that she asked me, but obviously I said I'd freaking love to. Clearly honored. When she expressed to me that she was really keen on making sure everyone had a good time at their wedding, I knew that it was going to be different than what I assumed about weddings. I had only shot one (technically two, but different story for a different day) wedding as a professional and when you're outside of something, it's so easy to create assumptions based off of what other people say about the industry.

Their wedding truly set the tone for the type of clients I knew that I wanted to work with. Laid back, focused on genuine moments instead of staged moments, willingness to let go and have a good time, wanting to just spend time with their loved ones.

We spent the day at Cassie's parent's house, which was filled to the brim of a lot of her out of town loved ones, which I loved. I loved being able to meet all of the people close to her and Trentt.

This wedding was a wedding of firsts. It was my first first look. It was the first wedding I ever shot with Emilee. It was the first wedding I ever worked with Semaj. Such important relationships that I cultivated because these two are two of my favorite people to work with.

Everything about Cassie and Trentt's wedding was just them. We did an UP! themed engagement session for them, which made seeing how they incorporated that into their wedding so much more fun. Cassie and Trentt were initially not going to do a first look. However, the night before, around 11 pm, I got a text saying that they felt a lot better adding it into the timeline. Their first look was such a good one to be my first. It is, to this day, still one of my favorite first looks.

I hope that you enjoy this little walk down memory lane. I know that I have.